Eco Church

At St James, we are aiming to achieve the A Rocha Eco-church award by ensuring that we
increase our understanding and reduce our carbon footprint in the following ways:

Worship and Teaching 

Celebrating God’s creation and developing an understanding of caring for God’s earth.


Ensuring a responsible use of green energy and water supplies, using recycled and environmentally friendly products where possible, and encouraging recycling.


Working in partnership with Southwark in the maintenance of the churchyard for the benefit of members of the community and of wildlife.


Encouraging each other to limit our waste, to minimise our own use of resources, including car use, and to use ethically sourced goods.

Community and Global issues

Supporting members to engage with local and global environmental and climate change issues.

What can we each do ourselves? 


Switch to a green energy tariff or supplier to reduce your carbon footprint. Ask a friend for a referral code and you'll both make some money.

Turn your heating down by 2 degrees and wear layers of clothing to reduce energy consumption.

When you boil a kettle, save electricity by pouring unused hot water into a flask to use later.

Change all your light bulbs to LED energy-saving bulbs and switch off lights when leaving a room.

Keep your phone on the Low Power/Battery Saver option so that it needs charging less often.

Check your personal carbon footprint at

Reuse, Repair, Recycle

Recycle batteries in the container on the left of the door in the Blue Anchor Library.

Ink cartridges, energy saving light bulbs and water filters can all be recycled in major supermarkets.

Recycle small electrical appliances in the black and pink recycling bin in Weston Street.

Keep all your plastic bags, crisp packets, food and pet pouches, plastic wrappers and any plastic film and place in the blue bin at the Co-op opposite church, or in the large recycling containers at major supermarkets.

Take good condition unwanted clothes and equipment to charity shops and consider buying “pre-loved” items rather than always buying new things.


Ethical Gifts

For Christmas and birthdays, think of giving ethical gifts from a Christian charity (e.g. twinning a toilet to provide one for a family without one or buying an animal or supplies for families in need).

We can give you more information about any of these suggestions and please send us your own ideas!

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